Have you Backed up Recently?

Your data is probably the most important thing about your computer.  Having a plan to protect it is essential if you don't want to lose it.

The most common reasons for data loss are:

  1. Hardware or System Malfunction
  2. Accidentally Deleted Files
  3. Viruses or Malware
  4. Theft of Computer
  5. Fire or Natural Disaster

The most common way to backup is by thumb drive or portable hard drive.  Thumb drives don't hold a-lot of information and are easily lost or misplaced.  Portable hard drives are a good solution as long as you keep your files on your computer as well.  Portable hard drives fail just like computer hard drives and you don't want your information failing with it. Both of these solutions are not great in the case of 4 or 5.

Offsite backup is the best solution as it offers total security and peace of mind.  In our opinion this is the best protection for your pictures and memories.  

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