Customer Reviews

   We are honored and humbled by our great customer reviews.   

"Dave at Dark Star Computing is an excellent small business man and provided great customer service. He spent a lot of time at my house setting up my new printer and analyzing the problems with my old one. He recycled my two old printers as well. He is the type of business person that cares about his clients and will do whatever it takes to keep them satisfied. Rare indeed."

- Lee L -

I cannot recommend DarkStar Computing and David highly enough. Reliable, trustworthy, knowledgeable and friendly. He really knows his stuff, and provides the highest level of customer care you could ever ask for, and at very reasonable prices. I will refer everyone I know to him. I myself will be calling upon him again soon with another computer issue.

I have an HP which was kind of pricey-laptop that I really liked, but it overheated about two years ago, and my son took it apart to replace the fan, then ran into problems getting the part, and then left it. Taken apart. For two years. I looked around previously for help, but most computer repair places, like the Geek Squad, etc won't even look at a computer that was taken apart. Honestly, I wasn't even sure all the parts were there. I didn't want to throw it away bc not only was it a perfectly good computer otherwise, and the perfect size for me, but it had so much information and pictures on it I didn't want to lose.

I called DarkStar as a last-ditch without much hope. I talked to David, and he had absolutely no problem checking it out for the very reasonable fee. AND! He came to my house! Just sitting there chatting about the issues, he put it together right there. I was amazed! It was so easy for him. He then took it, gave it a full check up, fixed everything updated and cleaned up system files and all of that good stuff, and when he returned it, running faster and better than when it was new, I was only charged for the parts necessary to fix the computer.

Best computer repair encounter I have ever had.

- Elizabeth G -

"My 6-yr-old Dell laptop began to run very slowly and I needed to determine if it was fixable or not. DarkStar supplied a bid for fixing the laptop along with assurance that it was, indeed, fixable. The repair proved to be more challenging than originally anticipated, but DarkStar stayed with it and went above and beyond in order to restore the laptop to full working order. I now have a machine that I am very pleased with and the cost for the repair stayed within the original estimate. DarkStar is a highly reputable and capable computer repair company that I would not hesitate to use again or recommend highly."

- Ro P -